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Denken Sie bei diesem Namen nicht auch wehmütig an den gleichnamigen Strand in Venedig? Lido steht seit 2017 für sinnliche Bademode aus der Hand von Daria Stankiewicz. Die Stücke verkörpern pure Weiblichkeit und machen die Vorfreude auf den Sommer noch viel größer. Die monochromen Stücke bestehen aus luxuriösem italienischem Lycra. Das puristische und elegante Design lässt kleine Details in den Vordergrund treten und setzt Ihre Figur umwerfend in Szene. Das Material ist beim Tragen besonders angenehm. Lido hat jetzt schon geschafft, wovon andere nur träumen: Die Marke hat Bademode geschaffen, die modern, feminin und am Puls der Zeit ist. Hinter jedem der zeitlosen Stücke steht geballtes italienisches Mode-Fachwissen. Der Sommer kann kommen!
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Daria Stankiewicz

We met up with Lido founder Daria Stankiewicz at the headquarters of the brand, located in the San Polo district of Venice. If you take a gondola there, you can almost step into the office from the boat, with it being just a small square away.

Every room of the office looks out on the beautiful gothic Basilica of Santa Maria of Frari – the city’s largest church. At Lido, you feel comfortable and inspired. We spoke with Daria to learn more about the brand and what she loves about Venice.

Daria, could you tell us about the story of Lido and when you first launched it?

Lido is an independent project born out of the desire to create beautiful, practical, and sustainable clothing. I launched Lido in 2017.

How did the name of the brand come about?

I had recently moved to Venice and discovered this incredible tiny island here called Lido where everyone goes to the beach.

What do you like about fashion?

I like fashion because it can be so desirable and fun. This is why I don’t like fast fashion. In general though, I feel there should be a little less fashion and more well-made, beautiful objects that stand the test of time.

Who is behind Lido and how many people make it up?

As they say, it really does take a village! Lido is a tiny brand, built by very dedicated minds. There are seven of us working at the studio, but we get a lot of much-appreciated external help as well.

What does your everyday routine look like?

I’m not a morning person but I try to wake up early, go running in Zattere (a beautiful large sunny street I recommend for a Sunday walk), have coffee at Pasticceria Tonolo, then I’m at the studio in Campo dei Frari all day either organising or designing, and leave work around 7 PM. In the wintertime, I go home and watch films, cook and do research. In the summer, all I want to do after work is have aperitivo with my friends and the Lido team. I’m so happy it’s spring right now! I can’t wait to spend summer evenings outdoors.

Where do you find inspiration?

Long days at the beach observing people and breathing in the atmosphere are what inspires me the most.

What are the most important qualities of a good swimsuit?

The fit, always. Everything else comes second.

What does Lido do to set itself apart?

We tell beautiful visual stories about Italian summer and invest a lot of our energy in developing new special colours. I always hope that our authenticity and the care we put into our clothes shine through.

If you had to define Lido in 3 words, what would they be?

Lighthearted, colorful, fresh.

Your dream for Lido is...

My dream is for everyone involved in the project to enjoy every day, and for our customers to be happy when wearing our pieces.

You are based in Venice. What do you like about the city?

The highlight is that there are no cars so you can walk everywhere. I didn’t grow up here but I sometimes wish I did, the city is a big playground, the only risk is falling in water, but it never seems to happen to the local kids!

For a family visiting Venice and its surroundings for a few days, what would you recommend to see and do?

In the summer, I highly recommend visiting Lido and spending a day or two just going to the beach. It’s the most relaxing place in the world to me, it feels so remote, almost vintage. I especially love to rent a little ‘capanna’ at the Excelsior Hotel or Des Bains, have lunch at Bagno Marconi, take long strolls on the shore, read for hours while listening to the waves... I think that visiting the Biennale is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s amazing how this huge art show is put up every year.

Your favourite book?

I like a biography full of anecdotes and gossip, my favorite read ever was Leo & C. by Annie Cohen-Solal, the biography of Leo Castelli. It’s full of insights on the art world.

Your favourite film?

À bout de souffle is my favorite film but I really love everything by Godard.

Your favourite restaurant in Venice?

Antiche Carampane, because it’s a classic Italian fish restaurant, one of those with a white tablecloth, elegant but easy service, great interiors, wines and an authentic spirit.


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