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NobodinozBaby Hairbrush

24,00 $

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  • This extra soft hairbrush is ideal for caring for your baby's delicate scalp and comes in a small organic cotton pouch to protect it when you're on the move, during a weekend away or while on holiday. The handle, with the brand name in gold letters, is easy to handle and comfortable to use.
  • The brush bristles are made from 100% natural goat hair which is extra soft and comfortable for your baby’s delicate scalp.
  • Bristles: 100% natural goat hair; Handle: Solid beech wood; Accessories: 100% organic cotton; Unvarnished wood
  • Ungiftige Farbe
  • Für alle Haartypen geeignet
  • Gently brush your baby's head and hair.
 To look after the bristles, it is recommended to gently massage them with a dab of mild shampoo and rinse. Leave to dry face down to avoid water build-up. In order to straighten out any dishevelled bristles, place the brush in front of a sunny window. Avoid wetting the wood.
  • Länge : 15 cm, Breite : 3.9 cm
  • Gemäss den EU Normen EN71-3
  • Kosmetikprodukte werden weder zurückgenommen noch umgetauscht.
  • Hergestellt in Deutschland
24,00 $

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