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Blackrock Games Color Brain Junior

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  • In Color Brain Junior, the aim is to answer the questions with the right colours. It is based on the original concept of Color Brain but aimed at younger children... You think it will be easier? Think again! You'll be surprised how much your little ones know...
  • Author: Tristan Williams, Illustrator: Zoë Lee
  • One player reads the question shown in the case window, starting with "What colour...?” The player then announces the number of cards needed to answer. Each team can then discuss which of the 11 cards in their hand should be the colour or colours of the answer. As soon as a team is ready, they place the colour card(s) of their answer - face down - in the centre of the game, and shout "COLOR BRAIN!". The other team then has a maximum of 15 seconds to place their answer face down. Then both teams turn over their cards. A team has answered correctly when it has put down exactly the right number of cards and the right colour(s)! The points are then counted and you start again!
  • Spielfdauer : 20 mn
  • Anzahl der Spieler : 2 Spieler Mindestens
  • 120 question cards, 22 colour cards, 2 colour catcher cards, 1 Colorbrain Junior case.
  • Ab 7 Jahre
  • Länge : 29 cm, Breite : 17.5 cm, Dicke : 4.8 cm
  • Gewicht : 0.300 kg
19,00 $