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Dieser Artikel garantiert eine handwerkliche Produktion, die in einem nicht-industriellen Kontext und in kleinen Serien entwickelt wurde. Das Handwerk bewahrt das überlieferte Wissen.

  • Inspired by traditional Chinese facial reflexology techniques, this tool has a natural rose quartz stone tip to stimulate energy points, and a roller head encrusted with germanium beads to tone the lower face and neck. It comes with an exclusive self-massage protocol developed in collaboration with facialist expert Barbara Sand.

    Discover how to use the tool in this video.

  • Its use soothes facial muscle tension, relaxes the features, stimulates the elimination organs and provides a feeling of overall relaxation.
  • Aluminium, Germanium + ABS, and Rose Quartz.
  • Stimulate the 23 energy points on the face with the rose quartz tip (see diagram inside the box) and then massage the face with the roller part. E-booklet and full demonstration video available by flashing the QR code on the back of the product.

    Acupressure is not intended to treat illnesses and is for people in good health. In particular, it is not recommended for people with edema, cancer, heart disease or thyroid disorders. If in doubt, consult a health professional or a medical reflexology expert.
  • Kosmetikprodukte werden weder zurückgenommen noch umgetauscht.
56,00 $