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Pirates Livre 1 - BD le héros - FR- Produktbild Nr. 0

Tribuo Pirates Livre 1 - BD le héros - FR

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  • On your last adventure, a mysterious parrot with a scroll attached to its leg landed on your captain's shoulder. This is certainly not one of those treasure maps you find in every pirate book. No! It is a message for you. A curse seems to have hit the inhabitants of a small, remote island, and they are desperately looking for the person who can help them. Could it be you? This book is completely separate from the other two books Pirates Book 2 and Pirates Book 3.
  • Illustrated by Gorobei and designed by Shuky
    1 book, 1 player; Playtime: 45 min
  • Sprach(en) : Französisch
  • Ab 9 Jahre
  • Länge : 21.5 cm, Breite : 15.5 cm, Höhe : 1.5 cm
  • Hergestellt in Frankreich
29,00 $