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Tactic Wissens- und Strategiespiel iKnow

54,00 $

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  • This knowledge and strategy game invites players to test their knowledge... and to bet on the knowledge of other players! Earn maximum points by answering questions with as few clues as possible.
  • After hearing the question, you choose how many clues you want to be given before submitting your response, then you bet on the answers of the other players. You can therefore earn points by answering the question correctly, but you can also earn extra points by guessing whether other players have answered the same question correctly or not. The questions are grouped under 4 categories: Society, Planet Earth, People, Heritage.
  • Fördert die Entwicklung der Konzentrationsfähigkeit
  • Anzahl der Spieler : 2 bis 6 Spieler
  • Contains: 400 cards: 1,600 questions / 4,800 clues, game board, 6 iKNOW tokens, 6 iBET tokens, 1 category token, 50 tokens (25 white, 25 black) and 1 rulebook.
  • Ab 15 Jahre
  • Länge : 22 cm, Breite : 22 cm, Tiefe : 8 cm
  • Hergestellt in Finnland
54,00 $