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Alaena is a family-run, eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare company founded in 2015. Having grown up in the French seaside town of Biarritz to a dermatologist mother and plastic surgeon father, the brand’s three founding sisters Alaia, Helène and Anne had always shared a passion for both beauty and nature. Putting their skills and first names together, they launched Alaena in 2015 with the opening of a wellness salon in Biarritz, a place dedicated to honest, natural skin treatments. Unable to find cosmetic products that truly represented their philosophy, they decided to start making their own. In 2018, Alaena Cosmétique was launched, offering a line of skincare made from ultra-performative, sustainably sourced and certifiably organic ingredients. Their wide range of eco-friendly products are all made in France and come in recyclable packaging. For environmentally conscious skin care, discover Alaena today at Smallable.
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