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Amanda Johanne Linde

Amanda Johanne Linde is a Danish jewellery designer born in Copenhagen. After graduating with a Master of Womenswear from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the summer of 2019, she founded her eponymous jewellery brand. Inspired by her mother’s vintage collection of Bakelite jewellery made during the Second World War, Amanda pays homage to womanhood and to her mother through her handcrafted bracelets. All her pieces are made in Copenhagen using bio resin, eco pigments and 22 ct. gold. The unpredictability of the material colouring gives each piece an entirely unique look, meaning that no two are the same. The bracelets take 24 hours to cure, sand and polish and each of these processes is done by hand by Amanda herself. For one-of-a-kind, Danish-made jewellery, discover Amanda Johanne Linda, now available at Smallable.
Amanda Johanne Linde
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