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Antik Batik

Antik Batik

Antik Batik is a French clothing brand founded by Gabriella Cortese. After moving from her native Turin to Paris at just the age of 18, the young designer travelled to Tibet, Bali and India where she was first introduced to artisanal dyeing processes and the millennia-rich silk-printing technique known as ‘batik’. Her brand Antik Batik was officially launched in 1992, and near on 30 years later, the label continues to champion these ancient practices in her own ‘boho-chic’ style. The brand’s fabrics are all silkscreened by Jaipurian and Balinese block print artisans, the cotton pieces are woven by hand in Kolkata, and all their knitwear is hand-knitted in Peruvian workshops. Using only plant-dyed natural fibres, the brand has been a pacemaker in sustainable production since its inception and through their work with over 20 workshops all over the world, continues to advocate for the perpetuation of local and ancestral savoir-faire.

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