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Based in Brooklyn, Bembien is a line of bags and accessories handmade by artisanal weavers around the world. Inspired by the effortless style of 1970’s coastal France, former Vogue marketing director Yi-Mei Truxes launched the brand in 2017 as a side-project that quickly established itself within the it-girl wardrobe. The 100% handwoven bags, baskets and totes are made in Bali with 10% of proceeds going back into the weavers' local communities in partnership with the non-profit organisation Nest. Bembien – a combination of the words for “good” in Portuguese and French – is rooted in the coastal European aesthetic, where handmade, natural, and timeless are the guiding mantras. Made using all-natural materials such as rattan, leather or seagrass, Bembien’s line of bags, as well as their silk scarves and wooden earrings are designed with a simple elegance that translates seamlessly from seaside to city.
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