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Bonanza Paris

Bonanza Paris was founded by Chloé Bechini one autumn day in 2018. At its core, this label represents Chloé’s desire to create and tell stories through jewellery. The name “Bonanza” reflects the brand’s philosophy to dare to be different and seize the day. Alluring, original and bold, each piece of Bonanza Paris jewellery has a story to tell and perfectly encapsulates a feeling or mood. The designer draws inspiration from a wealth of sources – materials and textures, organic and irregular shapes, light, the human form… Her intuitive use of volume and textures are what sets her creations apart. Instead of striving for perfection, Chloé embraces imperfections and her jewellery is better for it. Each accessory is like a tiny work of art. For a treasure trove of jewellery that you won’t want to take off, look no further than our selection from Bonanza Paris.

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