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Bonjour Little

Bonjour Little

Founded in 2018, Bonjour Little is a French babywear brand started by Marie Gonnet. With three children of her own, the founder has gone through her fair share of baby clothes. Conscious of reducing waste and saving time, she decided to create a range of baby clothing that could be worn both day and night. By merging the two, her label Bonjour Little offers parents a flexible solution that saves time and money and gives babies an ultra-comfortable – and beautiful – garment that they will be happy to play, sleep, and crawl around in. All the pieces are made from naturally dyed, GOTS-certified organic cotton sourced in India, and are screen-printed by hand. By reducing your baby’s wardrobe by half, not only are you creating more cupboard space for yourself (win!) you’re also doing your bit for the planet (win win!).

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