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Since it was founded in 2001, Bonton has prided itself on timeless, premium quality clothing that serves every moment in our children’s lives. With their typically French savoir-faire, the brand pays particular attention to elaborate embroidery, prints and the use of cotton. What sets Bonton apart is their unique vision of family life and childhood. Over the years, the Bonton collection has developed into what it is today: a combination of comfort and modernity with special colours and cuts that are as practical as they are unique and recognizable. At a time when fashion for children is constantly evolving, Bonton is the only brand today that still uses over 20 unique colours made from completely natural pigments. In addition to clothing for women and children, the label also offers a range of furniture and home textiles as well as organic beauty products with natural scents.
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The Bonton story

A children's fashion dynasty

This is the story of a children’s fashion family. Heir to the throne of the renowned Parisian children’s brand Bonpoint, in 1999, Thomas Cohen (son of the founders of Bonpoint) and his wife, Irene, decided to launch their own kids’ clothing and accessories empire with Bonton. Starting with a concept store in Paris, on Rue de Grenelle, Bonton has gone on to open up several boutiques overseas and has been dressing children and women around the world ever since.

Flawless quality

Like Bonpoint, Bonton is known for its premium quality. From its cuts to its high-quality fabrics, every piece in the Bonton collection is made to perfection. The brand has won the hearts of customers in France and abroad with its clothing made from natural fibres that are dyed and made in France and Europe. Constantly seeking to innovate and embark on new adventures, Bonton frequently collaborates with the crème de la crème of French fashion, working with brands such as Maison Labiche10 Is and even Macon & Lesquoy. From formal children's dresses to bloomers and light-weight blouses, Smallable is proud to present the latest collection of pieces for children, women and the home from Bonton.


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Discovering Bonton:


Where was the Bonton brand created?

The enchanting world of Bonton has its roots in the heart of Paris, the capital of fashion and style. It is in this historically rich city that the brand's unique creations come to life, infused with the chic and artsy atmosphere that characterizes Paris.


Unveiling the brand's history

Bonton's story is a creative family adventure that began in 2001. Founded by Thomas Cohen and his wife Irène, the brand was born with a clear vision: to create children's clothing that embodies simplicity, quality, and a touch of magic. Over the years, Bonton has managed to retain its bohemian spirit while expanding its range, becoming a reference in the world of children's fashion.


Exploring the iconic products

Bonton is renowned for its creations steeped in softness and authenticity. Its most iconic pieces feature lightweight dresses with delicate prints, timelessly elegant cotton shirts and knee-high socks, a symbol of the brand's retro-inspired style. Bonton's collections celebrate childhood with simple, elegant, and comfortable creations.


The recipe for ongoing success

Bonton's continuous success is built on its commitment to quality, simplicity, and authenticity. The brand has mastered the art of creating clothing that accompanies children through every stage of their growth while maintaining a timeless style. Parents worldwide are captivated by the charm of the brand’s creations, as well as its dedication to high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. It's this philosophy that has helped Bonton grow into a trusted brand for families seeking elegant and durable clothing for their children.


Where to find the latest Bonton collections

Smallable is proud to present the latest collections from Bonton. Our long-standing collaboration with this renowned brand allows us to offer its latest creations. Bonton represents authenticity, timeless style, and meticulous attention to detail, all of which you can discover in every piece of their collection.

Whether you're looking for babywear, clothing for older children, or accessories that add a touch of creativity to every outfit, Bonton has it all. The brand’s bohemian aesthetic and attention to detail are reflected in each piece.

To make your shopping experience even more enjoyable, we've implemented a global delivery service. No matter where you are, whether in Paris, New York, Tokyo, or any corner of the globe, Smallable ensures fast and reliable delivery. Simply place your order, and we'll ensure that your chosen Bonton piece arrives promptly and in perfect condition, right at your doorstep.

We're confident you will fall in love with the quality, style, and authenticity of the Bonton collections we offer. Discover the latest trends in children's fashion and enjoy the convenience of our global delivery service. At Smallable, we are committed to providing an exceptional shopping experience to dress your children with elegance and comfort.


Where to find the best Bonton Outlet

If your passion for children's fashion is accompanied by a quest for great deals and irresistible discoveries, we have a surprise for you. The Bonton Outlet at Smallable is a real treasure trove for fans of the brand. Imagine a place where the quality and style of Bonton meet irresistible prices, and you'll get a glimpse of our Bonton Outlet.

The magic of the Bonton Outlet lies in its ability to offer you iconic pieces from the brand at advantageous prices. It's the perfect place to explore past Bonton collections without compromising on quality or style. From baby outfits to clothing for older children and a selection of elegant accessories, you'll find a variety of gems at discounted prices.

Each piece you discover in our Bonton Outlet reflects the brand's philosophy, combining refinement, comfort and elegance. It is a golden opportunity to complete your children's wardrobe with high-quality clothing while staying within your budget. In other words, it's every kidswear enthusiast's dream come true.