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Boy Smells

Boy Smells began in 2016 as an experiment in candle-making in the Los Angeles kitchen of co-founders and real-life partners Matthew Herman and David Kien. Fast-forward to today and Boy Smells is now a fully-fledged candle label with more than 300 retailers worldwide. The brand creates scented candles that go beyond the gender binary, reimagining traditionally masculine fragrances into a prettier bouquet of aromas. All Boy Smells candles are developed and mixed in the founders’ LA home and made from natural oils, all-natural coconut wax and beeswax. Lovely and pink, each candle is hand-poured in a reusable glass vessel and hand-labelled in LA. With candles that are both alluring, comforting and smell divine, Boy Smells is a brand who’s star truly shines bright.
Boy Smells
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