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Bud & Blossom

Bud & Blossom is an ethical and eco-friendly project that employs stay-at-home mothers to create handmade baby wraps. Founder Subhan Al Okaily always wanted to launch a social initiative and has been a longtime advocate for babywearing – a form of carrying that enhances the connection with your baby and leaves you hands-free – so she brought these two ideas together with the launch of Bud & Blossom in 2018. The brand works with stay-at-home mums in France to create baby wraps in 100% sustainably sourced European fabrics, giving them the opportunity to work at their own pace while caring for their children. Although this mode of production costs twice as much, female empowerment and solidarity are part of the brand’s DNA which is also why they insist on keeping their margins low to ensure their baby carriers are accessible to all. Added bonus: all their packaging is zero-waste.
Bud & Blossom
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