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As a little girl, Cecilia Perotti would often go walking through the fields of Italy’s Susa Valley. Accompanied by her botanist grandfather, he taught her the many virtues of wild plants and herbs they encountered on their way, and she soon developed a deep love for nature, and its natural healing powers. Now a trained cosmetician and chemist, Cecilia harnesses the best of rare botanicals and the finest raw materials from all over the world to create a collection of innovative formulas for health and beauty. From anti-ageing serums, to exfoliating tonics, purifying masks and miracle balms: Cecilia’s products are entirely natural, organic and handmade. Continuing her grandfather’s legacy, the product range is rooted in centuries-old know how and incorporates Cecilia’s own research and knowledge of wellness rituals and aromatherapy. Holistic beauty with Mother Nature at its core.