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Chabi Chic

Chabi Chic is the brand taking the world by storm with its Moroccan lifestyle range. Founded in 2013, Parisians Vanessa Di Mino and Nadia Noël are the brains behind this Marrakech-based brand. The pair had been living and working in Marrakesh for over a decade, before launching Chabi Chic. Starting out with a line of dishes in the traditional Moroccan and striped motifs, Chabi Chic’s collection has since grown to offer an authentic range of kitchenware and decorative items. Taking inspiration from the richness of Moroccan culture and craftsmanship, Chabi Chic pieces are handmade ethically in Morocco by skilled local artisans using treasured ancestral techniques and traditions. If you’re on the hunt for beautifully-made kitchenware and decorative pieces with artistic, Moroccan-inspired touches, look no further.
Chabi Chic
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