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Cosmic Dealer

Cosmic Dealer is a wellness brand founded in 2020 by Monique Foy. The Australian native had been working in the fashion industry in Paris for several years when she attended her first Ayurvedic retreat in Spain. It was here that she was introduced to the ritual of tongue scraping – that is, the practice of gently grazing your tongue with the help of a u-shaped tool to remove bad bacteria. She was an instant convert. Since then, Monique has devoted herself to translating Ayurvedic rituals into modern lifestyles through her brand Cosmic Dealer. Anchored in the belief that tiny changes can lead to big shifts in overall wellbeing and health, the Paris-based brand makes copper tongue scrapers as well as a range of other functional products that cater to wellness needs. Discover them for yourself, now available on Smallable.
Cosmic Dealer
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