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CSAO (Compagnie du Sénégal et de l'Afrique de l'Ouest) was founded in 1995 in Paris by Valérie Schlumberger. After living and working with local artisans in Senegal and West Africa for more than 10 years, Valérie returned to her native France and set up shop. Her aim? To promote West African artists and craftsmanship within the European market with CSAO’s gorgeous, fair trade wares. In conjunction with the opening of the brand’s Parisian boutique, Valérie also created ASAO, a charitable organisation that oversees a number of social initiatives in Senegal. Since 2012, CSAO has been helmed by Valerie’s daughter, Ondine, who has developed some of the brand’s most recognisable products such as their embroidered cushions and tote bags, which have gained cult following among trendsetters around the world. Socially-conscious and beautifully made, CSAO works with local women in Senegal, who are given specialised training and fair and flexible working conditions, to create its unique homeware products.