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Cut By Fred

After twenty years in the game, hairdresser Fred Birault knows his way around a pair of scissors. Boasting a slew of French A-listers among his regular clients, he earnt a name for himself working in the world of fashion and cinema before launching a highly successful blog and eventually his own Parisian salon: Cut By Fred. After years of using products pumped with unpronounceable ingredients and animal derivatives, he knew it was time to make a change and thus launched his own brand of vegan styling products in 2018. Cut By Fred offers an impressive range of hair care treatments for a variety of hair types: from shampoos and conditioners to hydrating masks, scalp brushes, styling mists, serums, and scrubs. Each one is cruelty-free, made in France with a maximum of natural ingredients, and beautifully packaged using recyclable or plant-based materials.

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