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Founded in 2009 by Fleur Phelipeau, D-LAB is a holistic cosmetic brand that specialises in nutritional supplements that improve skin, hair and health. Having grown up with parents who ran the Vichy Célestin Spa Hotel – the biggest medical spa in Europe – Fleur was taught from a young age that beauty starts from within. After a career at L’Oréal, the young entrepreneur went back to her roots and surrounded herself with the micro-nutritionists, dieticians, and pharmacists from the Vichy Nutritional Centre. Together, they developed D-LAB’s complementary three-step program that brings together a high concentration of powerful active ingredients to nourish, detox, and improve cellular respiration. Depending on your needs, D-LAB offers a variety of different supplements that target the source to recalibrate and rebalance the body, bringing out natural beauty from within. For radiant skin and hair, discover D-LAB’s nutritional supplements today at Smallable!

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