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Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy is an eco-friendly brand that makes baby booties, founded in 2008 by two young creatives who are passionate about shoes and love the environment. The brand is certainly easy on the planet, thanks to their eco-designed collections of certified chrome-free vegetable-tanned leather, water-based leather glue and organic cotton packaging. We love Easy Peasy’s creativity, with its fringed models, baby sandals and first steps booties. For the cold season their fur-lined sheepskin boots make us jealous of our children! These little booties make baby’s first steps Easy Peasy. Easy Peasy slippers are soft and elastic enough for your baby to feel the floor, but there are also more rigid shoes for their first steps. Easy Peasy is the easy-to-remember, easy-to-wear brand for all your children’s shoes.

Easy Peasy
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