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Faithfull the Brand

Faithfull the Brand

Growing up continents apart, travel brought Australian Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Norwegian Helle Them-Enger together. On the island of Bali, Indonesia, the two met and forged a friendship that soon turned into the global fashion brand, Faithfull. Together, they have conceived and developed a label for their customers, who just like themselves, seek clothing that is comfortable and effortlessly chic and that can be worn while travelling or at home. With a focus on integrity and community, they've partnered with manufacturers in Bali to create hand-made garments in a practice that is socially responsible and founded on genuine family values. Faithfull’s designs are youthful and uncomplicated with a nostalgic nod to vintage wardrobes of summers past. They fuse Scandinavian simplicity with the Australian laid-back spirit and the island life ambience they have now become accustomed to in Bali.

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