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GAI+LISVA is a sincere clothing brand rooted in the Nordic traditions of honest and simplified appearance. Founded in 2008 by sisters Malene and Bettina Aagaardand, the brand takes its names from two old family homes, owned by the founders’ grandparents. Carrying on the family history and memories from their childhood, the GAI+LISVA brand is built on strong values with an appreciation for the Nordic calm. Using only natural and recycled materials, GAI+LISVA produces clothing defined by understated details and delicate colours. Among their collections of essentials and complementing seasonals you will find hand knitted sweaters made by women in Bolivia from local yarns and yoga wear made from recycled plastic that has been turned into soft, breathable fibres. With their simple and elegant clothing, the brand encourages a sense of calmness, balance, well-being and responsibility in everyday life.

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