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Golden Editions

Golden Editions

Golden Editions is a Paris-based design studio and workshop founded in 2019 by Londoner Sara Efia Reddin whose Ghanaian mother passed onto her a passion for traditional craftmanship. The brand’s aim is to work closely with makers to create contemporary pieces that pay tribute to timeless craft in Ghana, that light up your home and support rural communities. The lamps and cushions are all hand-woven with a savoir-faire that has been passed down from generation to generation. The Veta Vera grass for the lamps is all grown locally in Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana where it is harvested and twisted before being hand dyed with natural pigments and meticulously weaved. As for the cushions, these are all made from Kente, a unique Ghanaian fabric woven in strips on a traditional handloom. For beautiful African craft with a contemporary twist, discover Golden Editions, now available at Smallable.

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