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Hello Klean

Based in Berlin, Hello Klean was founded in 2019 by Karlee, a content professional and self-declared ‘shower addict’, and Omer, a numbers wizz with 15 years experience in tech and media. Their goal? To reimagine how we shower with a line of multifunctional shower care products. Hello Klean’s star product is their innovative shower filter, which removes water-soluble minerals from your shower water that can cause buildup, dryness and irritation for the skin and scalp. The brand also offers a minimalist selection of cruelty-free haircare products packed full of effective ingredients like fermented rice water, apple cider vinegar and sweet almond extract. Shower smarter and reap the benefits of softer, more hydrated hair and skin with our pick of Hello Klean’s ingenious line of products.
Hello Klean
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