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Hello Zephyr

Gabriela Maraschin, founder of jewellery brand Hello Zephyr, was born in Brazil and spent her childhood in France. A journalist by trade, she has spent the last eleven years travelling the world with her husband and three children. Storytelling remains a strong element in her life, and her work in jewellery reflects her experiences at home and afar. Hello Zephyr’s bold yet delicate earrings are all handcrafted in polymer clay from Gabriela’s home studio in the French alps where every part of the production process is carefully considered to reduce carbon emissions – from sourcing materials, to packaging, and delivering. Through Hello Zephyr, Gabriela hopes to encourage women to invest in fewer, well-made, and durable pieces. What’s more, 5% of the brand’s monthly sales are donated to the Malala Fund and Save the Children to support the welfare and education of disadvantaged children. Contemporary earrings with an ethical conscience.
Hello Zephyr