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Copenhagen-based kidswear label HOLMM was established in 2017 by Marie-Louise Fischer, a mother determined to dress her children in simple, high-quality, sustainable clothing. Tired of ephemeral trends and throwaway fashion, the designer set out to create a line of thoughtfully produced garments, merging craftsmanship with Scandinavian minimalism. From alpaca to cashmere, merino, mohair and yak wool, HOLMM uses premium, organic and natural fibres both for their inherently insulating properties and their longevity. The brand’s cotton is all certified GOTS and everything down to the buttons — made from mother of pearl, coconut or wood — are carefully considered for their environmental impact. Bathed in a dreamy palette of neutral tones and soft pastels, HOLMM’s collection easily lends itself to mixing and matching. Whatever the combination, you can be sure it’s comfortable and stylish, not only for your children, but theirs too. 

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