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Impala Rollerskates

Impala Rollerskates is the Melbourne brand paying homage to the bygone days of rollerskating with a throwback to seventies era skating and roller disco. Offering a range of high quality, vegan rollerskates in up-to-the minute colours and styles, Impala Rollerskates are perfect for skating around with friends. Launched in 2017, the brains behind the Aussie brand are a team of women passionate about rollerskating, skateboarding and surfing, and with more than 30 years’ experience working with surf, skate and women’s streetwear brands. Inspired by and made for girls who are fearlessly chasing their dreams and living life to the fullest, the brand’s motto? Make the sidewalk sizzle! Grab a pair of Impala Rollerskates online and hit the boardwalk in superfly style.
Impala Rollerskates
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