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Jelly Mallow

Jelly Mallow

Look no further for a kids’ clothing brand that embodies uniqueness, to honour the boundless imagination and dreams of the children they are aimed at. Jelly Mallow was created in 2013 in Korea, inspired by the sweetness and innocence of childhood as is apparent in their name. From concept to production, all the products are crafted in Korea, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. The styles are modern and trendy, featuring unique prints and eye-catching enveloping silhouettes, but most importantly, they let your child move comfortably. Discover the mesmerising range of soft jackets, jumpsuits, reversible bucket hats, illustrated cotton shorts, corduroy skirts and T-shirts with abstract patterns and playful cartoon graphics. Jelly Mallow is designed for every new adventure, perfectly capturing the essence of childhood.


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