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Dutch company Kinfill produces effective, eco-friendly cleaning products that are designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily cleaning routine. The brand’s sleek, contemporary aesthetic ties into their forward-thinking approach: unlike regular cleaning fluids (which are 90 percent water and packaged in harmful plastic) Kinfill’s collection of 100% biodegradable cleaning essentials are supplied using concentrates that are packaged in small glass vials. The concentrates are diluted at home in a beautifully designed Italian glass bottle, that is used over and over again. The Kinfill collection includes a glass cleaner, a multi-surface cleaner, a bathroom detergent, and a floor cleaner that come in a variety of fragrances from lavender, to pine husk and Cucumis. By using Kinfill products, you contribute to the eradication of plastic pollution with minimal effort, maximum joy, and in the comfort of your home! Discover the collection now available at Smallable.