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Les Mini Confettis

Founder of online magazine Les Confettis, Perrine Bonafos has released a collection of children’s books called “Des rêves et des chemins” (meaning “Dreams and Journeys” in French). In this series of books illustrated by Jennifer Bouron, Laura Lhuillier and Lavilletlesnuages, Perrine Bonafos recounts the story of women who followed their instinct, their passion and their childhood dreams to reach their goal, no matter the cost. The result is a collection of inspiring stories from the lives of such revolutionaries as Agnès Varda, Charlotte, Perriand or Edith Piaf. Written for boys and girls from 3 to 7 years old, Perrine hopes that the books will break down stereotypes and teach young children that courage, determination and ambition do not have a gender.  
Les Mini Confettis
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