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Les Petites Billes

Les Petites Billes creates fun and innovative accessories for babies. Each piece in their collection for babies is imbued with a little touch of magic, according to their founder Morgane Tardivel, who was inspired to launch Les Petites Billes following the birth of her nephew. Their hero product? The ‘Magic’ Baby Sleeping Bag, a first of its kind, size-and-season-adaptable sleeping bag for babies! Transform the sleeping bag without a second thought, adding extra warmth with the provided padding once the temperatures start to drop, or adjust the shoulder straps as your little one grows. Family, quality and innovation are at the heart of this brand, whose beautiful products are made exclusively from OEKO-TEX® materials. If you’re on the hunt for inventive new items to add to your parenting bag of tricks, explore our selection from Les Petites Billes.
Les Petites Billes