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Lorena Canals

Founded in 1990, Lorena Canals is the designer behind her eponymous home décor brand that specialises in beautiful, child-friendly rugs and textile accessories. Pioneers of the machine-washable rug, the brand offers a variety of stylish and modern textile products such as rugs and cushions. Lorena Canals' products are handmade respectfully in India from high-quality, natural materials, mostly cotton and wool, and eco-friendly, natural dyes. Committed not just to creating gorgeous, modern décor items, the brand is also doing its part to help give Indian children access to education. Set up in 2008, the Lorena Canals Sakûla Project in Haryana, is a nursery that enables boys and girls found in the street, to be cared for and receive an education to help them secure a better future. Today there are 120 boys and girls attending the nursery, and the brand is constantly working towards helping more children year after year.
Lorena Canals


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