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Lunii is the brainchild of Maëlle Chassard, a young French entrepreneur who set out to create a device that would engage children’s minds and imaginations without the use of a screen. Together with three friends from complementary backgrounds, Maëlle launched Lunii and their ‘Fabulous Storyteller’ in 2014, quickly garnering fans across France and now internationally. Their iconic blue and yellow box allows children to listen to and craft their own audio stories simply and intuitively, by toggling and pushing buttons to choose a hero, a secondary character, a setting, and an object. The Fabulous Storyteller comes with 48 stories already loaded, but there are hundreds more to download from Lunii’s digital library. What’s more, using the Lunii Studio application you can record your own stories so that children can be comforted by the voices of their loved ones wherever they are. Perfect for long car trips and rainy days at home!
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