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Ma Thérapie

Clean beauty brand Ma Thérapie was created by Parisian naturopath Céline Julien. As an advocate of holistic health and beauty, Céline was driven to use her expertise in the field to create a line of products that encompassed her global vision of self-care. Ma Thérapie offers two key ranges: ‘Beauty Therapy’ – a line of organic and 100% natural skincare products - and ‘Nutri Therapy’ – a selection of highly concentrated supplements that promote health and wellbeing. All the brand’s formulas are rigorously tested and contain concentrated active ingredients that are either locally harvested or ethically sourced from abroad. As nature and its riches are at the core of the brand, Ma Thérapie endeavours to make its products as environmentally-friendly as possible: they use recyclable glass bottles and manufacture locally in France. 
Ma Thérapie