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Maison de vacances

Maison de vacances

Founded in 1995 by Michèle Fouks, Parisian brand Maison de Vacances creates wonderfully rich home décor collections. Since 2000, Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac have headed the brand seeing it blossom into the fully-fledged home textile powerhouse that we know and love today. Maison de Vacances offers high-quality, authentic items, with its comprehensive collections including household staples such as decorative cushions, bed linens, napkins, tablecloths and sofas. Tasteful hues and gorgeous fabrics are hallmarks of the brand’s wares. Truly in the spirit of its name (which means "holiday home" in French), Maison de Vacances offers pieces that embody that timeless elegance and relaxed comfort, which we often crave at home and can now easily emulate thanks to the brand’s brilliant range.

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