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Mon Precieux Gem

Mon Precieux Gem

Hailing from the town of Sormiou in southern France, Nathalie Camerlo spent her childhood collecting shells and precious stones from the region’s famous rocky inlets or “calanques” that surrounded her home. Inspired by her grandmother’s collection of jewellery, Nathalie decided to turn this passion for collecting into a craft and now creates necklaces, bracelets and anklets under her brand Mon Précieux Gem. For more than ten years, Nathalie has been making jewellery from precious healing stones and crystals – think Lapis-Lazuli, Malachite or Moonstone – whose distinct properties give each piece their own symbolism and power. From the classic ‘surfer’ style necklaces to pendant stones carved into the shapes of wolf heads, palm trees, leaves or shark fins, Mon Précieux Gem creates a variety of designs using twenty six different stones. Discover the collection now available on Smallable!

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