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Naïf Natural Skincare

Naïf Natural Skincare

Naïf is a Dutch babycare brand that believes that transparency and quality should go hand in hand when it comes to skincare, especially for your little ones. Founded by two fathers, Jochem and Sjoerd, Naïf was born out of the desire to provide safe and clean skincare products for babies and parents alike. Faced with the overwhelming task of finding gentle yet effective products for their own children, they embarked on a mission to create a brand that parents could trust without hesitation. More than just a skincare brand, Naïf is a commitment to sustainability, ethics, and transparency, empowering all parents to care for their little ones worry-free while driving positive change in the industry, one conscious choice at a time. From wash gel to shampoo, from plastic-free baby wipes to body lotion, Naïf offers a range of products that prioritizes your family’s well-being and reduces its impact on the planet.


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