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REN Skincare

Ren Skincare have been pioneering ‘clean skincare’ since 2000. The clean beauty vanguards scrupulously avoid any skin unfriendly, toxic ingredients, favouring naturally derived bio-actives that help the skin help itself. Not just a pleasure to use, Ren Skincare products are affordable, recyclable and cruelty free. Winner of a number of beauty awards, including The Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards and the Sustainable Beauty Awards, Ren Skincare champions products that deliver visible results, while also doing good for the planet. We’re big fans of their "Clean to Skin. Clean to Planet. Initiative." in which they pledged to become a zero-waste company by 2021. They also created a first-of-its-kind bottle made from 100% recycled plastic, a portion of which was collection oceans and rivers around the world. Clean as a clean can be, Ren Skincare is a breath of fresh air for our skin and our environment. 

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