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Scarlette Ateliers

Scarlette Ateliers

Scarlette Ateliers is a Franco-Indian boutique specialising in tableware, pyjamas, and handwoven linen. After moving to New Delhi at age 26, the brand’s founder Pauline Bijvoet opened her own boutique hotel where her French heritage and art de vivre melded into the vibrant Indian capital. Since then, the eponymously named hotel has since transformed into Scarlette Ateliers, an online homewares boutique offering products sourced from all over the Indian subcontinent. Each piece highlights the savoir-faire of local artisans: embroidered pieces from Calcutta, tableware from Manipur, wool from Nepal and cotton from Southern India. Scarlette Ateliers offers unique home décor objects that proudly showcase Indian handcraft, while remaining chiefly French in its selection, with a focus on premium quality materials, classic prints, and fine details. Discover the collection now at Smallable!

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