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Solly Baby

Named after her first son Solomon (Solly), Elle Rowley founded Solly Baby while pregnant with her second child in 2010. The Texan native loved the experience of baby wearing – bar a few backaches and headaches – so she set about creating her own the second time round, tweaking the design until it was perfectly functional, beautiful and reflected her personal style and aesthetic. Ten years and two more babies later, Solly Baby has grown into a small baby carrying empire with mothers the world over (including Anne Hathaway, Pink and Serena Williams) touting the benefits of their wraps and slings. Despite the brand’s success, it has stayed true to its roots: the Solly Baby headquarters are down the road from the founder’s farm in Bonsall, California where she lives and works with her husband and four children. Discover the collection of easy-to-wear, stylish wraps now available on Smallable.  
Solly Baby
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