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Stockholm-based Tapper is a fashion-tech brand that creates innovative accessories for holding your headphones. When Apple AirPods were announced in September of 2016, then economics student Robin Westlund knew that there would soon be a demand for a strap that could keep them safe in a stylish way. Sure enough, the brand launched just three days later and became an instant online success. The name Tapper comes from the Swedish word for ‘brave’ or ‘courageous’, inspired by Apple's senior vice president, Phil Schiller, who said that the decision to lose the headphone jack wasn't about a wireless future, it was about being brave. From neck cases, to rope chains and leather straps, Tapper’s earphone accessories are as much a piece of jewellery as they are a functional headphone holder. Available for AirPods and AirPods Pro, discover the collection now available on Smallable.
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