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Topo Designs

Growing up in Western USA, Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen had always been interested in mountain culture and outdoor living, and they were equally as interested in the gear that came with it. Seeking high-quality gear similar to what they grew up with, Rose and Hansen set out in 2008 to create Topo Designs, a brand whose equipment combines classic styling, functionality and durability. Today, Topo Designs is still deeply rooted in their outdoor heritage, while also appealing to urban exploring. Their uncomplicated, utilitarian look transitions seamlessly through jungles, concrete and otherwise. Taking advantage of innovative technologies to ensure a timeless look with modern functionality, their clothing, bags and accessories also weave through a sense of design and style. Whether you’re getting around town, out on the trail or traveling the globe, Topo Designs have reliable, versatile and beautiful products that will accompany you throughout your adventures.

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