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Tse & Tse

Tsé & Tsé Associates is a French design studio that was established in 1991 by two young Parisians, Catherine Levy and Sigolène Prébois. Having first met at age 16, the two women’s paths crossed again in their early 20s at industrial design school where they developed a shared passion for the craft. After years of trials and tribulations, the duo made a breakthrough in 1993 with their iconic April Vase: a series of clear tubes connected by metal rings that highlight the beauty of each individual flower. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, their Bastille-based design workshop remains small with just ten people who oversee the entire process from conception, to prototyping, testing, creating and distributing. Made with the highest-quality materials, each Tsé & Tsé product is handcrafted meaning that no two pieces are exactly the same. Discover Tsé & Tsé today at Smallable!
Tse & Tse
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