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Ucon Acrobatics

Ucon Acrobatics

Ucon Acrobatics is a German eco-responsible accessories brand founded in 2001 by design duo Jochen Smuda and Martin Fussenegger. Over the brand’s 20-year history, the founders have perfected their collection of ultra-sleek bags and wallets, while holding the company to the very highest standards in ethical and sustainable production. Following their motto “minimal design, minimal emissions”, their durable and timeless bags are all made of recycled materials including PET bottles; are free of animal derived ingredients and certified by PETA; and free of phthalate P7 and other toxins. The company’s design studio runs on eco-power, their production sites are regularly visited to ensure their manufacturers welfare, and their transport and packaging processes also comply to their strict sustainable ethos. Ucon Acrobatics is driven by the belief that nothing should suffer for a quality product – not humans, not animals and not the environment.

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