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Valerie Objects

Valerie Objects

Valerie Objects is an Antwerp-based design label founded by Axel Van den Bossche and art director Veerle Wenes. Valerie Objects was born after Veerle Wenes invited six designers to reinterpret three simple tools: the knife, fork and spoon. The resultant designs showed that even the most universally accepted objects can be innovated and made unique. Today the label continues to work with a curated selection of internationally renowned designers, artists and studios handpicked by Veerle for their instantly recognisable styles that transcend form. The driving force behind Valerie Objects is the duo’s vision to return aesthetic meaning to our everyday lives. From tables to teapots and cutlery, Valerie Objects presents a thoughtful collection of unique designs that offer a fresh and innovative take on the traditional, while remaining accessible and functional. Discover Valerie Objects now available at Smallable!

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