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Venessa Arizaga

Venessa Arizaga

While on a trip to her father’s native Puerto Rico in 2008, American jewellery designer Venessa Arizaga was inspired to start hand-making jewellery from the items she found around her. Using colourful silk threading to weave seashells, natural stones and a mix of her own charms, she created whimsical statement necklaces, each with its own story representing a special moment in her life. These witty, mixed-media pieces were the impetus to Venessa’s contemporary jewellery brand and the basis for her first full collection, which she debuted in 2010. Since then, the brand’s offering has grown to include a huge range of pieces laden with coloured beads, emoji charms, braided flowers, blingy gold hardware and tongue-in-cheek lettering – all handmade in New York City. For extroverted, feel-good jewellery, discover Venessa Arizaga now available on Smallable.

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