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Berlin-based craftswoman and founder, Yara Jentzsch Dib, began XOUXOU as a creative macramé project back in 2015. With the birth of her first child, Yara suddenly found herself with her hands full. Juggling a busy new parenting schedule, capturing special moments, and running a small business meant that her smartphone became an important tool and everyday ally. Rummaging through her bag or losing it at the playground was simply not an option anymore, and so was born the first XOUXOU smartphone macramé necklace. After adding it to her already successful online macramé store, the business boomed, and in December of 2018 they sold their 100,000th smartphone necklace. Today, XOUXOU smartphone necklaces are the newest fashion-tech accessory offering a stylish new way to keep your hands free. Discover the freedom and flexibility for yourself!