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Yoli & Otis

Yoli & Otis

Founded in Byron Bay by husband-and-wife team Lena Catterick and Carlo Letica, Yoli & Otis is a sustainable clothing and accessories brand for children and adults. The label was born shortly after that of their first child, Yolanda, when their relentless search for comfortable and convenient baby carriers came up short. After a trip to India where they were introduced to ancient herbal dyeing techniques, the couple launched their first line of all-natural baby carriers in 2014. The business quickly flourished, leading them to expand their offering into children’s clothing and later, women’s and menswear. Sharing their time between the forests and beaches of Byron Bay, Bali and Mallorca the family of four lives their life in constant connection with nature, and their brand is simply an extension of their own eco-conscious lifestyle. For Yoli & Otis it’s all about organic fibres, simple cuts and natural dyes.

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